The Parasha of the Week


Ekev – The Shema Second Portion: The Consequences of Free Choice

Parashat Ekev ends with the second portion of the Shema prayer. In it, Moshe explains the consequences, for better or worse, of choices the People or Israel will make.


Shlach Lecha – My Precious Personal Bond and The Significance of Names

Shlach Lecha is my own Bar Mitzvah Parashah. Beyond that fact there are additional bonds, all have to do with names, that connect me to it.


VaYakhel–Pekudei – Parashot of Interesting Parallels

VaYakhel and Pekudey are read together during non-leap years in the Jewish Calendar. These Parashot recapitulate the building instructions of the Tabernacle, and describe their execution. Comparing these texts will reveal interesting insights.


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