Conversations with Friends

Here I will share thoughts that were triggered by a question.  The question may be my own doubt.  It may be a question from a friend or a something I heard or read in newsfeed, internet or social media. 

For keeping the sanctity of confidentiality, names you read of “friends” will be changed to aliases.  Likewise, potential identifying details will also be modified.  Yet, in an effort to keep the core essence of each conversation real, some personal and intimate information will be shared. My hope is to maintain the authentic nature of each conversation, allowing you, the reader, to better connect with the conversation.

In addition to conversations with friends, I will share stories about my own personal experiences and update you, dear readers, with what is happening with me nowadays.

My hope is that you will be inspired to add your own questions, joining me in conversation.  Ultimately we’ll transform this into a community of friends traveling this journey of life together.


Yom Kippur 1973: My Personal Memories of that Horrific War

On Yom Kippur 2023, I shared my memories with Havurah Shir Hadash congregation. The following is an edited transcript of the recording that is also shared here.


United with Israel We Shall Prevail and Overcome!

It’s time for us to unite and act together: All Israel are responsible for each other! Now, when Israel is under the vicious attack of the barbarian Hamas no one can stand indifferent. We all must speak up and show solidarity with Israel.


Confronting Liver Cancer: Four Times in Four Years, and Still Standing with Optimism

Cancer, as almost impossible as it may seem, may bring important insights on its wings. Summoning the energy to seek and learn them is rewarding beyond measure.


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