Meet The Rabbi


Rabbi Emanuel

My life took me along a path with a wide rainbow of beliefs, professional expertise and areas of interest. Being a son of a Rabbi, and becoming one, makes my life journey almost a complete circle.

Born in Israel, I grew up in an Orthodox home; I became a secular Israeli in my late teens and youth evolving into a “Secular-Orthodox” (sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? The crux of it is that I was secular, yet practiced religious ceremonies in an Orthodox fashion). Next transition was into Progressive Judaism and within the past few years landing into being a non-Orthodox Rabbi in the US

My education followed a similar pattern: starting in Marine Academy and becoming a sailor, followed by a Mechanical Engineering degree and later, a Master’s in Business Administration. Becoming a Rabbi (click for a short video of the Ordination Ceremony) marked the “official” completion of my studies and simultaneously became a milestone, a waypoint, on the journey of continued learning and teaching.

Yet, there is a single, unchanging, vocation that I have never stopped following throughout my adult life: strengthening and defending the well-being of Am Yisra-el, the People of Israel. First, it was serving in the Israeli Navy in both active and reserve service.  Then, working for Rafael Advanced Defense Systems (one of the largest Defense Companies in Israel, the developer of Iron Dome, among so many other Defense Systems).  And in parallel, leading Jewish communities in Israel and abroad in prayers and spiritual development (read here an article published in Oregon Jewish Life).

True to my vocation, I have recently served as the Rabbi of Temple Beth David in Spring Hill Florida.  Unfortunately, due to health reasons, I had to leave Florida and return back home, to Oregon.  In parallel to my service at Beth David, I started building up a virtual community through this website.  Now, I am committed to dedicate more time to this new community. 

I hope that this community of friends and followers  will be devoted to an open dialog with the other, grappling respectfully with our sacred texts by learning, questioning and conversing with those holding different opinions.  We learned from our sages, that sustained wisdom is by walking the walk – not just talking the talk. 

I invite you all to actively participate with me in that experience.


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