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Yom Kippur 1973: My Personal Memories of that Horrific War

On Yom Kippur 2023, I shared my memories with Havurah Shir Hadash congregation. The following is an edited transcript of the recording that is also shared here.


United with Israel We Shall Prevail and Overcome!

It’s time for us to unite and act together: All Israel are responsible for each other! Now, when Israel is under the vicious attack of the barbarian Hamas no one can stand indifferent. We all must speak up and show solidarity with Israel.


The Judicial Reform in Israel – Conversing About the Current Situation

Israel’s Knesset puts quite some legislative effort in a Judicial Reform that aimed to alter the country’s Judicial System. In response, many hundred-thousands of citizens are demonstrating on a weekly basis for months. Why?


Israel’s Memorial and Independence Day, 2023: Sadness and Joy, Hand in Hand

The way Israel celebrates Memorial Day and Independence Day are unique, probably without a parallel in the whole world. At it’s 75th Independence Day, I was honored to share my thoughts with friends in Ashland OR.


Operation Breaking Dawn: Challenging the New York Times Biased Coverage

Lilach Sigan wrote in Maariv [an Israeli newspaper] about how the New York Times covered the August 2022 Operation Breaking Dawn of the IDF in Gaza. I hope that reading my translation may encourage you to consume news from more than a single source.


The Status of the Golan Heights Residents: Is it Worse Than in Israel?

It started with an email from my dear friend Sarah asking about the Golan Heights. My Response created more questions, and more answers. It’s about the residents of the Golan Heights, their rights, and then some. It IS complicated!


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