The Judicial Reform in Israel – Conversing About the Current Situation

Today, with the ongoing attempt to legislate a Judicial Reform, Israel struggles with one of the most severe challenges that it has faced since its inception.  Most of us, many Israelis included, are lacking deeper knowledge about the issues at hand.  Much of what we hear or read about the issue includes agenda-driven interpretation, making it hard for us to discern the facts and form our independent opinion.  
In the first session, I presented  some historical overview and explained how the political system in Israel works.  Not surprisingly, it is completely different from the US political system and is rather complicated.  The acquaintance with this unique governance system and democracy is essential to  understand both sides of the ongoing debate. 
The second session is focused on dealing with loose ends and unfinished explanations of the system as an opening to a candid conversation.  The conversation will follow some ground rules that ensure a safe and civil environment.  We listen to one another with respect so our own opinions are heard in the same way.  We’re trying to remain open and curious to different opinions and learn from them. 

My hope is that this conversation will create an understanding how we can support Israel regardless of our own stand on the current issue.  As always, I am open to receiving your feedback, comments and questions, and will be happy to respond to you.  

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